Write For Us

Salaamun ‘alaykum

MUSLIM is always on the look out for talented and dedicated writers to join the team, either as a featured or guest writer.


Please find below, the requirements for enlisting as a MUSLIM writer;

  • A minimum of one article a month.
  • 350 word count minimum,, 1000 word count maximum, per article.
  • Articles should fall into one or more of the following segments:
  1. Soul Food ( Islaamic Reflections)
  2. Islaam and the contemporary world 
  3. Body and Mind
  4. Real Stories
  5. Halaal Living (food, body e.t.c)
  6. Halaal Earnings (Business, Investment, Transactions, Insurance e.t.c)
  7. Relationships (Parenthood, Marriage, Family, Friendship, Muslims&Non-Muslims e.t.c)
  8. Exclusives (Interviews, Event Coverage e. t. c.) 
  9. Guest Article
  • All content should be original.
  • Each article should include at least one image (only of inanimate objects).
  • No affiliate links should be included except links to your own blog posts which are of relevance to the article.

Please review the writing section of our Policies for additional and vital information.

To become a featured writer, or send us a guest article, please email us at contact.muslimmagazine@gmail.com

Or make use of the contact form below to indicate interest.

JazaakumuLlaahu Khayran.



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