The Evil of the Eye

Majority of muslims have come across gist regarding the evil eye at some point or another, but because this issue has not nearly been over-flogged enough or it may just be that a lot of people still regard it with levity, this article has thus been put together in an attempt to remind and/or further enlighten all and sundry.

In the name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The EVIL EYE is real.

The Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him) said;

1The evil eye is real, and if anything were to overtake the divine decree (al-qadar) it would be the evil eye.” Muslim, 2188; from the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbass  (May Allaah be pleased  with him).

The EVIL EYE is deadly.

The author of ‘Nayl al-Awtar‘ said that al-Bazaar narrated with a hasan isnaad (sound chain of narrators) from Jabir (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said;

2Most of those who die among my ummah (followers) die because of the will and decree of Allaah, and then because of the evil eye.

……………………………         …………………………….

It is relatively common knowledge that the evil eye often comes from jealous or envious persons, but for the sake of clarification, we refer to a great scholar,  Ibn al Qayyim, who said;

Everyone who gives the evil eye is jealous, but not everyone who is jealous gives the evil eye….”

He then said;

It begins when the person likes something, then his evil soul dwells on the matter, and by continually looking at the person who has the thing of which he feels jealous, he directs his venom towards him…

And here comes the interesting part…..

A person may put the evil eye on himself, or he may put the evil eye on someone else without intending to, because it’s his nature.” (Zaad al Ma’aad, 4/167).

Get this, **you can be your very own evil eye**, plot twist or not?

Although it is correct that jealous persons inflict the evil eye, it has also been said that persons who are not jealous but only take a liking to something could inflict the evil eye as well, as can be deduced from the hadeeth;

3Whoever among you sees something in himself or in his brother that he likes, let him pray for blessing for it, because the evil eye is real.” Narrated by Ibn al-Sunni in ‘Aml al-Yawm wa’l-Laylah’, p.168; and by al-Haakim, 4/126. Classed as soheeh by al-Albaani in al-Kalim al-Tayyib.

This hadeeth explains that a person may harm himself with the evil eye by admiring himself. This is not to say that it is disallowed to admire Allaah’s favor upon oneself or someone else, especially not if it’s a thing that cannot be kept secret. However, it then becomes incumbent to take precautions against inflicting or being inflicted with the evil eye.

Conclusively, as the notorious saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The thought of becoming the evil eye at any time and to anyone (oneself inclusive) should be enough to spur on whatever self-preservative mechanism a person has got working for them. In this regard, some ways in which the woes of an evil eye may be prevented are briefly discussed. As to what follows;

  • Adhkaar (Remembrance of Allaah):

A person without the reinforcement of the daily adhkaar, consistent recital of the Qur’aan, as well as the constant seeking of refuge with Allaah from the evil of jinn and of man, is one who leaves himself exposed and vulnerable to a lot of afflictions, including that of the evil eye. The prescribed “anti-evileye” supplications and Qur’aanic verses contained in the morning, evening and bedtime adhkaar are enough as shield, by Allaah’s leave, for whoever takes to reciting them unfailingly and wholeheartedly.

  • Try Not To Self-Sabotage:

Keeping a low profile is also a key preventive measure that, as of recent times, seems to be studiously ignored, leading to what can only be labeled, “self-sabotage”. Following the simple principle of, “what the evil eye can not see, the evil eye can not harm”, It only makes sense that one would willingly try to save oneself from the dangers therein.

  • Asking Allaah’s Baarakah (Blessing) for Something or Someone:

As cited in 3, the self-explanatory hadeeth tells us to pray for Allaah’s blessings for whatever is being admired in ourselves or in someone else. One should say-

“Allaahumma baarik Llaahu / BaarakAllaahu feek” – May Allaah bless you.

-or any other phrase of similar meaning.

It is safe to say that for the sake of humanity, these phrases (du’aas really) should be added to the existing list of arabic catch phrases that are generally uttered day in, day out by muslims.

We ask that Allaah safeguards us from the evil of His creations (ourselves inclusive).


By Aa’ishah  bint Abd ur Razaq

28th Shawwal, 1438 AH.








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